Dance With Somebody by Mando Diao


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Re-jamming another flashback posted this year!   8

rainbowasi 1 Nov 2013

Album: Give Me Fire! (2008) What a great Swedish band. I'm gonna dance with somebody!   2

Andy93 19 Nov 2012

It's almost my second #jamiversary so here's the best music I've discovered over the last year - 'Dance With Somebody' originally jammed by @rainbowasi on 11 September.   2

samueldlockhart 15 Nov 2013

Flasback-'When you're all alone...We become your home...We're the music, sweet music' Blast out and comment ;)   7

rainbowasi 27 Feb 2013

Quietly angry and insanely catchy   2

litleozy 25 Feb 2012

me want ;)

ewaka 29 Apr 2012