Bongo Bong by Manu Chao

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They're either Spanish or French, but this one's in English.

samuelclay 4 Jan 2012

Oddball, but a solid song.

frankles 3 Sep 2014

Mama was queen of the mambo papa was king of the congo deep down in the jungle I start banging my first bongo every monkey like to be in my place instead of me cause I'm the king of bongo, baby I'm the king of bongo bong I went to the big town where there is a lot of sound   3

paula_cifu 10 Dec 2013

TUNE. Deep down in the jungle, I started bangin my first bongo   1

edclarke 11 Oct 2014

From Crystal Fairy and the Magic Cactus   1

sbeverley 24 Jan 2015

Every monkey want to be in my place instead of me 'cause I'm the King of Bongo, baby, I'm the King of Bongo Bong

thereisnocat 27 Aug 2015