The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan by Marianne Faithfull

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but smithylad was first  

In my on-going campaign to have Shel Silverstein accepted to the top table of popular songwriting ...

smithylad 4 Feb 2012

as she rode along through Paris with the warm wind in her hair   3

pjcj 8 Mar 2013

As featured on #TOTP79 the other night. As fresh as paint

GrahamDJohns 6 Dec 2014

Beautiful song by a fantastic woman. #sublime   3

Toots 11 Apr 2014

I recall buying this 'on spec' off the back of a review and against all reason when I didn't have the cash for such things. I mean, Marianne Faithful? Cute? yes. Mars bars etc, intriguing. But this is a great song from a great album. "..the rooftop where she climbed when all the laughter got too loud...". If you don't know the album, you should.   2

mickey_profane 16 Oct 2014