“Love this so much it deserves a re-jam”

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Love this so much it deserves a re-jam

annaccampbell 30 Nov 2014

Julio! Get the stretch!

lyndaedavies 24 Nov 2014

Yep. It caught! When we're all dancing in our cars as we drive by each other, it's obvious that we're listening to the same station! #funk #brunomars #dance #jam

PollyG 15 Jan 2015

This song is one of my new summer jams!

jazzysal 3 Jul 2015

#FunkyFriday Well Im not a fan of Bruno Mars and Ive never heard of Mark Ronson before, but I just love this song, a new song with and old sound, great   7

maodiver 15 Jan 2015

One of the few song around at the moment that I really love   1

WhoseClue 7 Apr 2015