Summers Magic by Mark Summers


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Was surprised to note The World's End opened with this track.   1

stx 8 Sep 2013

From the opening sequence of 'The World's End' (on BluRay today) please enjoy 1990 dance hit 'Summers Magic'.   4

edgarwright 25 Nov 2013

Had a wave of nostalgia when I went to see The Worlds End and heard this!! Recently rewatched it, great film and great track. :D

Chocobo_sage 28 Nov 2013

Who doesn't like the Magic Roundabout?!

tomforeman 31 Oct 2013

Since seeing "The World's End", this song has been stuck in my head

statostatostato 22 Jul 2013

Ever had one of those nights that starts like any other night but ends up being the best night of your life?   3

edgarwright 31 Jul 2013