Year of the Glad by Marnie Stern

“Album of the year.”

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Album of the year.

maura 4 Mar 2013

Marnie Stern is my freaking hero.   1

laurasnapes 18 Dec 2012

Jams from my favorite songs of 2013 list begin today and go through the rest of the month. Everything's starting now.

ryangibbs 1 Dec 2013

"We're getting real tired of your Infinite Jest shit already, Carly. Really, just stop. Please."-Everyone. "..."-Me

cey 18 Feb 2014

Pay attention! Marnie Stern is BACK.

pauljtucker 12 Dec 2012

While NY-based songwriter/guitarist Marnie Stern has mellowed a bit on her fourth album, the amusingly titled The Chronicles of Marnia, she is still polarizing. Listeners will either love or hate her guitar tapping, high voice, and chanting vocals.   2

noyoucmon 27 Sep 2013