Whats Going On-Whats Happening Brother? by Marvin Gaye


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Marvins birthday, what better excuse?

Wildstyle77 2 Apr 2013

this first song has been on my mind a lot these days. i keep singing it or humming it. when things feel like they are slipping away from you, it's a good song to listen to. it's not happy, not at all. but it is hopeful. hope is very important. it's also a great version, so give it a chance even if you know the record track by heart.   1

dressinribbons 13 Jun 2014

After hearing today's news reports, I just have to ask...#Whatsgoingon? #crazyworldwelivein

alison859 2 Sep 2014

Are we on the wrong planet or what?

drumting 22 May 2013

Whats happening ?   31

lynn200 20 Jul 2014

Live version.

elissab 31 Jan 2012