No More Drama by Mary J. Blige


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Mary J. Blige was on Woman's Hour yesterday and made me want to listen to this again. I like how it builds and builds and BUILDS. It's OK, Mary! You can give up the drama!   1

Owlsoup 26 Nov 2013

I just wish young Mary would put a bit more effort in. Blimey, what a performance!   1

mikelowe 13 Nov 2012

Been in my head lately since seeing it on the Voice. Mary J can really bring it...

AK3700 15 Mar 2012

Feel it hear it see it Love you Mary J xx

fubar985 6 Apr 2013

a powerful song and great lyrics

imanelhariry 30 Dec 2012

So I have survived a week living on my own and it's been pretty good. The best thing is the peace and calm when I come home. No drama, no mood swings, no unpredictability, no pussy footing around trying to keep some one happy. I didn't know how difficult living with her was until the peace of this week. This song just seems apt under the circumstances   1

StokieBoyTom 7 Sep 2014