Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack


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Such an Iconic Song -Love the groove & the String Synthesiser

paullancaster1 12 Jun 2015

To me one of the best songs ever, Unfinished Sympathy is also the best Shara Nelson's vocals. She gave her voice to four songs from Blue Lines, the first (and my favorite) album from Massive Attack. The song. The voice. The video. I love everything. It catchs me everytime. Enjoy this diamond...   9

JeromeRiguidel 17 Apr 2015

Is trip-hop cool again, yet? Oh, it never was? Dang. I guess I'll just keep being uncool...   1

gnuconsulting 13 Jun 2015

Still gives me goose bumps!   3

madeofstone 5 Dec 2014

Been in my head all week this, what better way to get it out than sharing it on here.

madeofstone 25 Oct 2014

I close my eyes & imagine being there, singing the song on top of my lungs -in love.   1

raisecain 8 Dec 2011