Rutger Hauer by MaSters

“Made this video for my mates Masters! Buy their 7" 'MASTERS - Rutger Hauer / Scatman Crothers' at: Christos Fanaras & M. K. Hauser (Miklos Kemecsi) continue their exploration of imaginary film music with their latest 7" 'Rutger Hauer / Scatman Crothers'. This time channeling the spirits of the titular actors into a pair of fantasy/sci-fi tinged neo-kraut instrumentals. "All instrumental, all hinting at retro territories, with lots of surf guitar, 'sixties guitar, fuzz guitar, clattering drums and thunking bass... Fans of retro cinema will lap up this great album, which is superbly arranged and orchestrated. Excellent." PTOLEMAIC TERRASCOPE "This is exactly the kind of sound you'd hear in one of the many so-bad-yet-so-good sci-fi epics Hauer paid the bills with when we wasn't flogging Guiness..." RANSOM NOTE Music by MaSterS: Like them on FB: Vid by:

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