On Days Like These by Matt Monro

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The opening titles for The Italian Job

S7U 2 Oct 2012

The soundtrack to my weekend. Well, almost. #TheManWithTheGoldenVoice

AudioJustice 4 Aug 2014

Opening song used in "The Italian Job", and was reminded of it this evening in a Radio Trailer!   3

annellemusic 17 Feb 2014

On this cold January day I thought I'd share the warm velvety tones of Matt Monro. Cushty!   2

bilbody 31 Jan 2012

The theme from Michael Caine's THE ITALIAN JOB . Classic 60's crooner delivers a really lovely song

colonelstewart 17 Feb 2014

Yourrrr carrrr? Preeeety carrrr...

plotsanderrors 28 Jun 2014