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Covers Week: There is an optimism that the synth and vocals add to this song. I do feel the vocals are slightly lacking against MD's pretty solid music backing. But this would bring me out onto a dance floor in a heartbeat.

beetleginny 30 Jan 2014

brilliant tears for fears cover…

streetpreacher 18 Dec 2013

TeFoFe + Matthew Dear + Tegan + Sara? Love this cover.

meer 23 Dec 2013

Can't get enough of this cover.   1

McKelvie 21 Dec 2013

Love, love, love this cover. Love @teganandsara. Can't wait to see them @OldNatlCentre in Indy #LetsMakeThingsPhysical #LGBT #Canada #Clamato #Hockey #Loonie

sverige119 2 Mar 2014

Everyone’s covering TFF! And TFF are covering everyone!

robotondemand 17 Dec 2013