Rock & Roll is Cold by Matthew E. White

“One of my favorite tunes of 2015 so far. #Bestof2015

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One of my favorite tunes of 2015 so far. #Bestof2015

cochise 11 Mar 2015

I adore college radio. I realized I hadn't listened to Radio K in years, so I tuned in and immediately heard songs that stood out to me. This was one. The official video can't be posted, but I think this girl does a great job with her hoola hoop nonetheless.   3

bingsy22 28 Mar 2015

What I've heard so far of this man, I love. Need to check out Feeling Good is Good Enough too.

SourceDeliPaul 1 Jun 2015

Rock and roll is cold leaves a warm fuzzy happy feeling. Loves it.

thejoyofbikes 18 Feb 2015

Everybody likes to talk. Oh la la la la oh la la la. "Rock & Roll Is Cold" by @amattwhitejoint, 2015. Enjoy!   3

kzone8 23 Feb 2015

Tune   2

edclarke 12 Mar 2015