Evangeline by Matthew Sweet

“"Too bad the only man you trust Is god above"”

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"Too bad the only man you trust Is god above"

jukevox 2 Jul 2015

Tuesday Weld made me look, Matt Sweet kept my romantic heart from flatlining, it all still hurts....

tskilove 7 May 2013

The 90s were an amazing decade for power pop, but I think Matthew Sweet's 'Girlfriend' may have been the best of them all.

bclaymoore 15 May 2013

She's on another planet She's in my dream She's some kind of angel If you know what I mean Try her on She fits like a glove Too bad she only thinks about The lord above   1

TomSchneitter 25 Jan 2014

Had I been a girl, my parents were ready to name me Evangeline.

mrshl 9 Apr 2014

Sarnia Pop Culture Show Jam Day Four

futurepastimes 21 Feb 2013