Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder

“Nobody. Nobody gonna break it.”

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Nobody. Nobody gonna break it.   3

hughmcguire 1 Nov 2013


kfw 13 May 2014

The last few days have been really cool, I feel like I'm really growing and being productive and proactive and putting myself out there. So here's a song and a drawing from me!

maddi909 7 Sep 2015

I remember my mom would turn up the music and start dancing every time this song came on the radio in the 80s. I bet she would still do it if she heard it again.   1

brianadammccune 28 Jul 2015

"Last night I had the strangest dream..."   2

waynemstewart 21 Jun 2012

Cause it just makes everything a little better.   13

Avante 15 Jun 2015