Fade Into You by Mazzy Star

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Still hurts to listen to this, but that's alright.   3

kh3 24 Feb 2015

A stranger's light comes on slowly A stranger's heart without a home You put your hands into your head And then smiles cover your heart Think I've jammed this before but it's such a beautiful classic. Totally worthy to be one of my last jams.   2

GeorgiaPeach 15 Aug 2015

heres a must hear @JustinXbox @leejohnson, @PeteLaberge @kemiladashdot @natyblooming @shirl @lynn200 @lindatee @DiamondDog @boosup1 @AlicejustMay @joeldurhamjr   8

USMC_SemperFi 20 Feb 2014

fade into you, strange you never knew   7

J_Dub 5 Aug 2012

Attempting to be calm while studying for exams. Its almost working.   7

Loosqueal 19 Apr 2013

Having a job that involves lots of driving isn't always bad. Today was great for example - and this was on 6Music which made it even better. Her voice gets me every time without fail.

AnneHaddy 4 Aug 2015