U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer

DaveWild’s jam on 3 Apr ’14 and then 2 times after that (See all)

“Them some flash moves Hammer.”

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Them some flash moves Hammer.   1

DaveWild 14 Aug 2015

It's #funkyfriday .... You can't touch that feeling.It's "Hammer Time",and we need to lay down these moves!.Who wants in?   13

BeeBee 26 Sep 2013

XLent dancer!...we hav a new touch phones, PCs Eh! MC♫♪   2

titusfrancis54 23 Aug 2015

POLAND WINS THE MEN'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! WOHOO! CAN'T TOUCH THIS, HA! Our volleyball players are simply the best. :)   3

HappyZebra 21 Sep 2014

Cheesey 80s flashback. .

DaveWild 23 Jul 2015

First public in 89, this is both an encomium to the 80s and a harbinger of the 90s. One cannot help but smile.

bvark 1 Feb 2012