Kick Out The Jams by MC5

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but sermad was first  

#lastjams Sorry! Obvious one... :-)   7

markcmphillips 25 Sep 2015

If the ESP rockers the Fugs wanted to levitate the Pentagon, the MC5 wanted to follow Sun Ra into the cosmos.   2

ajtowler 1 Jan 2015

We're still jamming!

nucak 22 Aug 2015

I want to kick 'em out #lastjams

SpaceGoatJr 7 Sep 2015

For one of *those* days.   2

sermad 18 Jan 2012

It was October 30 1968 and in Detroit #MC5 recorded their KOTJs album live at the Grande Ballroom. A precursor to 70's punk rock there is a heavy style influence from this track. This is gutsy! Something different to recognise the contibution #TiMJ has made to so many over the last four years.   8

itskerryc 17 Aug 2015