All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor

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Eighty_Ten 30 Dec 2014

In a pop-y mood and this jam is doing it for me. Catchy catchy tune.

maylene 26 Aug 2014

Saw and ad for the Grammys and they were talking about Taylor Swift and and Sam Smith and I saw a real quick clip of a singer and had to find out who she song...I'll get back to my regular "non-cliche'" music in a week...

abirex 9 Feb 2015

You will probably have heard the slick release version of this ( but I had heard and liked Ms Trainor's first live acoustic version ( some time ago. Don't get me wrong, I like the studio version, but I worry that the talent she obviously has is going to be diluted and perhaps lost in the record label treadmill that she's now on. Anyway - this is a good version from a recent live radio session.   13

BarneyRubble 25 Jan 2015

Dammit it's stuck!!! @GLEEonFOX 's fault #glee

laurinharg 14 Feb 2015

i love bass

Jzzb 4 Sep 2014