Fix My Life by Melt Yourself Down

“lumpy and noisy”

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lumpy and noisy

zzgavin 29 Apr 2013

2013. Warning! There be flashing.   9

Axol 11 Sep 2013

Freakin' Up Your Friday (Released on 12" by The Leaf Label on February 25th)   11

d0minic 15 Feb 2013

Strobe effects! Horns! Yelping! Not a tune for the easily overexcited or those prone to seizures. I heard it last week and I've been addicted ever since.   3

crawtonleek 4 Aug 2014

Warning! Video Maximalism! Seizure danger. Fresh from theleaflabel, who is killing it lately for me.   13

clickysounds 6 Feb 2013

Pete Wareham's sax playing does it again -

red.tin.dave 1 Feb 2013