The Safety Dance Down Under by Men At Work Without Hats


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but adeery was first  

Mashup created @ScotMusicHack by thisismyjam founder in Edinburgh. Shared using the thisismyjam chrome appl   1

adeery 25 Aug 2012

A genuine masterpiece. #mhdscot   2

marekventur 25 Aug 2012

this is pretty gross obviously - but I love the fact its a 100 line python hack, by @mattogle and @anesbit.

monkchips 8 Oct 2012

A generative mashup by @flaneur and me for Music Hack Day Edinburgh. Source and docs at .   1

DoctorBeans 26 Aug 2012

The most beautiful song ever written.

dwhiting 25 Aug 2012

HELL YES, this is my jam. Big ups to @flaneur & @alnesbit this #mhdscot.   1

KaraTM 26 Aug 2012