Demiurge by Meshuggah

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I have a little 'God Moment' every time I hear this track

SpasticPenguin 4 Feb 2014

Still love this song (and band) as much as when I first heard them - after complaining that there was band as hardcore as Slayer to a co-worker around 10 years ago. He brought me in some of this, and I've added it to my permanent listening rotation ever since. :)   1

llaith 9 Aug 2014

Just fucking brutal!   2

wingman 10 Nov 2014

One of my favorite tracks from their latest album 'Koloss.' Solid, heavy groove.

PhilipYount 4 Feb 2013

I've worked out that the best way to get likes and comments on here is by posting something popular and accessible. So with that in mind, here's some Meshuggah.   1

DJDarren 27 Feb 2014

A Meshuggah jam was inevitable for me

jaysonharle 25 Apr 2014