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Kicking off Memorial Day with some Metallica. Big thanks to all the military men and women out there.   4

metallicagirl 26 May 2014

It's time to post my ultimate jam. It is entitled One, and that's also its position in my all time favorite song list. It is definitely not from U2, and so here's Metallica!   2

Miqlos 10 Aug 2015

the metallica video that everyone knows that features scenes from the flick JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN that i finally got to watch yesterday...starring timothy bottoms and jason robards and written by dalton trumbo, one of the 'hollywood ten' based on his own novel shaka sez check it out! #cheese

Shaka 21 Jan 2014

It's been a while since I've heard this song, but its still good!

PurdueGrad91 7 May 2015

Could listen to this song all the time !   2

alan50vin 5 Jan 2013

Around this time I recall a big fuss being made about the fact that Metallica were releasing their first ever promo video. You could even buy it on VHS. The song was One and it was my introduction to the band. Never looked back since..

silentbazz 1 Aug 2015