The Unforgiven by Metallica


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"The Unforgiven"was tied with Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Under The Bridge" as my favorite song for the majority of my childhood and teen years. They never fail to transport me back to the early 90's. So classic.   2

alyssamwbc 15 May 2014

Cos I'm Unforgiven II

5avio 1 Jun 2015

Not really a fan of Metallica but can't ignore this track Glastonbury made me sit up and take more notice!

paullancaster1 8 Nov 2014


Metaldalz 1 Jun 2015

#90sWeek It was early 90s when Metallica released the black album. I remember the long wait for getting hold of their new stuff and even when it isn't my favourite album I won't forget the excitement of hearing it for first time.   6

paz99 6 Feb 2015

Day 3. This time, it's James Hetfield's rhythm guitar under Kirk's solo. Frigging sublime.   1

juffery 3 Jul 2015