On the Sly by Metric

“Flashback. One of my faves ever.”

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Flashback. One of my faves ever.   7

rainbowasi 6 Sep 2013

Just one of those songs, you know?

Zachary 20 Feb 2014

I want them to hate me/ so you can love me on the sly

estibrennan 20 Jul 2014

I don't feel so far away from you lately, love me on the sly.

EmmaLou 10 Apr 2013

Every once in a while I play this album on repeat all day. It's hard to pick only one song. But this one has a part at 3:08 that's breathtaking to me, for some reason. Maybe because you can hear her take a breath before the next part starts, it's great.   1

unnecessara 25 Apr 2014

Great intro and Emily Haines voice is so... dreamy. Google is pretty generous when it comes to define her voice.   4

rainbowasi 27 May 2014