Heartbreaker by Metronomy

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I caught Metronomy live last night in Sydney (4th time seeing them live across 4 different countries in the last 6 years.) I lost interested in them for a while shortly after 'The English Riviera' came out but 'Love Letters' won me back and the performance last night just cemented that - a really fantastic gig. Going back to where it all started with them for me with 'Heartbreaker', one of my favourite music videos of the 00's.   1

WillDoThisLater 29 Jul 2014

One of my favourite music videos of the last few years.

WillDoThisLater 23 Apr 2014

I really cannot stop listening to this at the moment - ridiculously catchy.

MissCay 15 Mar 2012


edclarke 21 Apr 2014

Let's face it, everyone loves a heartbreaker ♫   1

TonyUtweets 29 Nov 2011