Love by Mica Levi

“From the score for Under The Skin.”

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From the score for Under The Skin.

joel 18 Dec 2014

Have to be honest, I'm not a great fan of the film, but I think the soundtrack it ace.

bekki.bemrose 9 Mar 2015

Quite possibly the most beautiful piece of music I've ever heard.

kclaw31 20 Apr 2014

My copy of the LP arrived yesterday, so it'd be rude not to jam another. Simply magnificent.

phurious 20 Dec 2014

a fittingly haunting score for such an eerie movie. If you haven't seen Under The Skin, I definitely recommend it! Very unique and creepy.

ninjalovechild 25 Feb 2015

Lie it on the surface. 💙

Kextun 30 Dec 2014