Head Home by Midlake

“Reminds me of Berg :(”

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Reminds me of Berg :(

alruii 28 May 2015

Midweek Midlake

sricketts1 6 Mar 2013

The 70s FM rock sound really strikes a chord with me, and these lyrics are just wonderful. I love Midlake!   2

nickorwin 24 Jan 2012

Oh, to sleep in a comfortable bed, I think I'll head home...

marcele 25 Jul 2014

Oh wait. Midlake has climbed a few steps in the ranking of my favorite bands. CDs are good, but seeing them live is obviously better. AND IT'S MY PHOTOGRAPH ! #proud   5

CreepyUnknown 2 Jun 2014

Feeling a bit Midlake... one of my favourite ever things here - jumping up & down in the rain in my kagool....

vicaviber 31 Mar 2013