Blue Sky Mine by Midnight Oil


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Whenever I think about BitCoin mining this song pops into my head.

davesag 11 Apr 2013

Singing this at the top of my lungs made me significantly less anxious before my visit to the dentist today   1

netniewoo 11 May 2012

Midnight Oil, was a powerful passionate band pushing economic, environmental, & social change in their music, which seems almost more relevant today then when it was produced.

KennethPedersen 24 Apr 2014

Who's gonna shave me?   2

me3dia 15 Jul 2013

Oh, did I ever love Midnight Oil! Great band, great music, their political and social beliefs front and centre. Possibly my favourite of their extensive canon is this, very much on my mind, right now

cathesaurus 15 May 2014

Brilliant music about corporate bastadry of the highest order.

bapk 11 Aug 2014