Midas Touch (Hell Interface remix) by Midnight Star

#Jam1000 - For my Last Jam, it had to be this again...”

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but rmtwrkr was first  

#Jam1000 - For my Last Jam, it had to be this again...   31

d0minic 7 Aug 2015

Here's an amazing remix of Midas Touch by Hell Interface (also known as Boards of Canada).

SolidSun 15 Jan 2014

Boards of Canada remix, super good

samjennings92 15 Sep 2012

Epic.   1

rmtwrkr 28 Nov 2011

oldy but goody

flossy 18 Feb 2012

Pop quiz!! Who is in hell interface?? :) U will win a gold star for correct answer!! (no googling please haha)

jared88 17 Feb 2012