Astro Zombies by Misfits

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A little Glenn in the morning #misfits #astrozombies #danzig

smurfph 16 Apr 2014

This one's called Astro Zombies! 1! 2!

ProWerewolf 22 Dec 2013

On a rampage!

misskeriberry 5 Sep 2013

Originally, I wanted to post "Left For Dead" by Left Hand Creation, which has been stuck in my head more or less all day. Since I couldn't find a respectable and postable version of that song, however, I decided to go with something else for any zombie enthusiasts out there.

MrUmlaut 3 Oct 2014

Started watching The Walking Dead last night...

neverwhere 26 Sep 2012


LoreleiBeatrix 27 Oct 2014