White Mice by Mo-Dettes

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but leyink was first  

Can't fall asleep yet, so I may as well enjoy myself in the meantime with this proto-new-wave absolute killer.

deadlytango 2 Feb 2015

I believe in plenty of nice things to stock my larder.

Babaylan 27 Jan 2015

More evidence I grew up in the wrong era.   3

leyink 5 Jan 2012

HT to Nog.

SarahSkelding 8 Feb 2015

I can't believe I made it to 2014 w/o ever having heard the Mo-Dettes. My life. Such waste.

SeanTAllen 31 Jan 2015

Welcome to Weird-Ass Wednesday! The all girl band streak is in tact as the post-punk Mo-Dettes play White Mice! Hope you all have a fantastically Weird-Ass Wednesday and rest assure theCapn returns, ship to shore, tomorrow for the weekly Thors-Day celebration selection! Take care all and peace out...   6

capnhollis 19 Nov 2014