3rd Planet by Modest Mouse


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given that our blood is just like the atlantic. . . your heart felt good

mygothlaundry 6 Aug 2012

This is an old jam of mine. I heard it this morning and it brought back a flood of crazy memories.

HeidiRyder 9 Feb 2012

All mouse #broke#goodtimesarekillingme

Bananastasia 21 Sep 2015

So many hooks...

McStinky 26 Mar 2015

My all-time favorite Modest Mouse song, from a long line of contenders, off of my favorite Modest Mouse album. I love the nonsense, the nihilism, the imagery, and the repetition - to name a few. Great song. Great band.

alassinsane 5 Jan 2014

Continuing my Modest Mouse Top 25 countdown: 5. 3rd Planet 3rd Planet works well as the opening track on The Moon & Antarctica. It sets the scene and asks questions about existence, our origins, and the meaning of life. I've mentioned several times that the songs on that album have the best overall flow of any Modest Mouse album. It feels wrong to split them up, but this one deserves a place in my Top 5. It's quiet and introspective for the most part, but the lyrics are among the best that Brock has ever written. The universe is shaped exactly like the earth If you go straight long enough, you'll end up where you were

IntheFrame1 11 May 2015