3rd Planet by Modest Mouse


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All mouse #broke#goodtimesarekillingme

Bananastasia 21 Sep 2015

So many hooks...

McStinky 26 Mar 2015

My all-time favorite Modest Mouse song, from a long line of contenders, off of my favorite Modest Mouse album. I love the nonsense, the nihilism, the imagery, and the repetition - to name a few. Great song. Great band.

alassinsane 5 Jan 2014

given that our blood is just like the atlantic. . . your heart felt good

mygothlaundry 6 Aug 2012

This is an old jam of mine. I heard it this morning and it brought back a flood of crazy memories.

HeidiRyder 9 Feb 2012

# 4 on the top 10 list. Such an amazing catalog of music and several side projects that are fantastic   10

KBro 1 Aug 2012