Black Cadillacs by Modest Mouse

“Nothing else to say.”

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Nothing else to say.   1

mygothlaundry 9 Feb 2013

A strange choice, since am in Colombia, but the ears want what they want

laurenjay23 22 Apr 2012

"So pleased with ourselves for using so many verbs and nouns" is a lyric I wish I could relate to right now.   1

WompRat 18 Jun 2013

"We were so pleased with ourselves for using so many verbs and nouns."

TheTravisW 30 Mar 2013

No. 22 in my Modest Mouse Top 25 countdown: I love the opening line. Why do people name their children after towns that they have never been to? Maybe they just want us to think they are worldly. I wouldn't name a kid Worksop or Scunthorpe, but Guelph would be pretty cool. It sounds like an alien race. Black Cadillacs is a well-crafted song that has an edgy almost poppy vibe to it. The slick structure works well and I enjoy the return to the main theme at the end of the song. It's hard to lose this one so early.

IntheFrame1 14 Feb 2015

We were laughin at the stars while our feet clung tight to the ground.Black Cadillacs by Modest Mouse is myjam

TheTravisW 28 Jun 2012