Dramamine by Modest Mouse


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School is starting and my anxiety is starting to shoot up. Time to chill and get to work.

Section42L 14 Jan 2015

we kiss on the mouth, but still cough down our sleeves

terathiel 3 Jul 2015

i think i know my geography pretty damn well

sagiri 31 Oct 2014

So bummed that thisismyjam is ending in September! Therefore, every song I post until then will be those that ooze with nostalgia (for me). For you, just another song.

melimcclure 11 Aug 2015

This was so good live

matthewlawrence 23 Mar 2015

Continuing my Modest Mouse Top 25 countdown: 7. Dramamine What can I say about Dramamine? The 75-second intro may be the best on any Modest Mouse song. It makes me enter an almost dreamlike state. That mood is broken slightly by the way the lyrics are punctuated with louder bursts of noise, but the overall journey still retains that escapist vibe. I'm shocked that it isn't in my Top 5. The loops at the very end of the song don't really work for me, and I would rather the music had just faded out. That's a minor quibble because Dramamine is close to perfection.

IntheFrame1 1 May 2015