Heart Cooks Brain by Modest Mouse


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Continuing my Modest Mouse Top 25 countdown: 8. Heart Cooks Brain It's slow and repetitive, but strangely hypnotic. Heart Cooks Brain could be the soundtrack to a documentary about exploring another planet. It sounds inquisitive and seems to be searching for something. I'm glad that the bitter buffalo hasn't jumped off the cliff yet. Like Tiny Cities Made of Ashes, there's a lot going on in the layers beneath the lyrics. The scratchy guitar adds texture and weight to the song. Incidentally, it's perfectly positioned on the album, offering a reflective pause between the rants of Teeth Like God's Shoeshine and Convenient Parking.   2

IntheFrame1 26 Apr 2015

Forever thankful for the jams and for the musicians who provide them to the world. Happy Thxxgiving all!   1

KBro 22 Nov 2012

I love the fuck out of Modest Mouse (yes, ESPECIALLY THEIR OLD STUFF!) I don't care

MajorFlakes 20 Feb 2014

The balance of the heart and brain's abilities to destroy (complement?) each other.

andrecch 27 Apr 2015

Very strange lyrics, but they speak to me in ways I understand. Great, simple indie atmosphere.

Karma_Idiot 1 Jun 2015

I miss you Late 90's Modest Mouse. I understand why you had to go.

damiancjohnson 27 Apr 2015