Fun For Me by Moloko


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Who remembers Moloko from the Batman & Robin soundtrack? (raises hand enthusiastically)   2

Vickipedia 26 Mar 2015

Easily one of the best things about 1997's Batman & Robin.

word.srsly 11 Nov 2013

fe fi fo fun for friday   4

d0minic 1 Mar 2013

90s fatty lady beats, you make the workday go round.

cory 23 Jul 2014

"I dreamt that the Boogieman went down on Mr Spock / Sugar was'a flowin' / Shock it to 'em sock"

gridinoc 19 May 2013

Breaking laws & breaching etiquette w/ genuine human consideration & total caprice. "Strange lady got me quota & saved her 20%. What?" Too busy dying to care, outta my way

theBees 22 Nov 2014