Disappointed by Morrissey

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Because I am.   1

Wordridden 11 Mar 2014

Songs for bloggers: for Rol, calling time on Sunset Over Slawit. Great version but without the get-out clause!   1

pip 17 Jul 2012

For some odd reason, Bona Drag has been my commuting soundtrack this week. For a less odd reason, I've had to put Disappointed on a few more times once the album ends.   1

alexcornetto 22 Jul 2015

This world may lack style, I know.

Ssejica 20 Sep 2013

'This is the last song I will ever sing, oh I've changed my mind again, Goodnight and Thank You'   1

FamousWhenDead 31 Jan 2013

This is (almost) the last song I will ever jam... #JamWhileWeCan #LastJams #GoingDownJamming Oh I've changed my mind again: http://letsloop.com/pip

pip 23 Sep 2015