Goodbye Sober Day by Mr. Bungle


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The inspiration for my #Bungle Butterfly tattoo is this album - and this is the song that always sticks to the roof of my oft cavernous skull - Ready to say goodbye to this #SoberDay   1

crimsonghost 7 Oct 2014

This song brings back memories!

nicolean56 6 Sep 2013

I have been getting back into Mr. Bungle lately. CHACK CHACK CHACK CHACKA CHACKA CHACKA CHACK

tylerhendrix 4 Mar 2012


heathercurtis 30 Jul 2012

A quite Schizo-chaotic song by the musically exprimental Mr Bungle. Having said that, I still think it's interesting with all the flavours.

Nemascope 20 Oct 2013

A ver, chego tarde a Mr. Bungle, nos 90 andaba ás brevas

xmanoel 5 Aug 2014