The Suburbs by Mr. Little Jeans

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I love this song. Excellent cover.

ShaneMBailey 4 Sep 2014

Sometimes you listen to a song, it sounds so familiar but you just can't put your finger on it. Then realize (with a bit of horror) it's an Arcade Fire remake and you (don't throw anything sharp) it better than the original....   22

christineb 16 Dec 2014

What an amazing Arcade Fire cover!

hummy 2 Mar 2015

#finaljams If Underworld's "Beaucoup Fish" album had a baby with Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs" album, this would be the product. (the synthesizer is pretty much stripped directly from Underworld's song Cups)

dcyra 25 Aug 2015

Great cover...

lagerdeluxo 2 Nov 2014

I think this just blew my mind a little.

Howl2046 19 Aug 2015