Starlight by Muse

“The live version of this song is even better than the album version.”

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The live version of this song is even better than the album version.   1

tgnp 13 Apr 2012

The songs of Muse have probably been overplayed everywhere by now. But "Starlight" still seems pretty fresh to me. I think it will be one of their songs that stands the test of time even as others fall away or are deemed too busy.   3

ShortCurator 4 Mar 2014

This site is coming to an end, which makes me very sad, as I love nothing more than to listen to, talk about and share music. :( So since we've reached the end of the road, I've decided to forget about the deep cuts, and post some of my all time favorite songs ever. I feel like Muse took everything I liked best from the history of rock—all my guiltiest and sincerest pleasures—and just decided to form a band and do nothing but that, but turned up to 11. Glad I was alive to see them; sad I'm going to miss out on all the amazing music to come 100 and 200 years from now.

Dedalvs 22 Aug 2015

Let's conspire to ignite ,All the souls that would die just to feel alive

RichieFreecs 13 Sep 2015

Man! That Bellamy cat sure can sing!

Thrashbrowns 31 Jan 2013

Excelent song

argaol 13 Feb 2012