In Another Way by My Bloody Valentine


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but kittenheeled was first  

After much listening, and it being a tight call, I'll go with this as my favourite from the new album. Huge..   6

adrian4acn 4 Feb 2013

my bloody valentine - in another way (mvb). On all the best year end best of lists. 21.5 years is a long time to wait (since loveless), but it was worth it. glorious glorious noise. #hallelujah ┬ásee also @brilliantorange's brilliant and hilarious review:   2

iMatthew_ 12 Dec 2013

What a great song. Just pummels its way along and transcends into something majestic. /pompous praise   1

Monzo_Maharal 16 May 2013

Festive 25 No.2. MBV return in glorious fashion with this heavy yet ridiculously tuneful slice of angst-dream-pop. Please don't take 22 years to release another one, Kevin.

DVCwins 24 Dec 2013