“"Tiptoe down to the lonely places"”

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"Tiptoe down to the lonely places"   2

TBBYNH 18 Mar 2015

My Top 10 Albums of All-Time ~ 7. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless (1991) ~ It's a fool's game to try and say something new about Loveless so I'll just share a little anecdote, here goes.  The first time I heard this album I was in high school at a kegger and had gotten really really drunk and so many people were spending the night, so some of us crashed on the floor and I had my headphones on, my girlfriend lent me her iPod and told me to play this album on repeat and I would have sweet dreams and wake up without a hangover. Four hours later I awoke dizzy as all hell to the worst headache I'd ever had and I couldn't even get my breakfast down without vomiting. I got in trouble with my parents. But at least I discovered this wonderful album with a little help from a very special stupid girl.  The end.   3

btener 31 Aug 2014

Loomer has been running through my mind lately.

Pamela_Drouin 14 Nov 2013

As good as MBV gets.   1

lakey 18 May 2015

little girls in their party dresses   2

eliotvb 10 Jul 2013

with apologies to all the people who forgot their earplugs at the mbv show last night   1

factorypreset 9 Nov 2013