Promises, Promises by Naked Eyes

“1983 is calling, it wants its gated snare back.”

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1983 is calling, it wants its gated snare back.

Wordridden 10 Apr 2013

art: Kaye Donachie

maddi909 27 Jan 2015

This was stuck in my head this morning.

justplainscott 12 May 2014

I heard this song on KOST 103.5 on Thursday for the first time in over a decade.   2

fifimcfeef 19 Jul 2015

I've been listening to a lot of early 80's trash these days, as you can maybe tell. Anyway, it struck me that "Promises, Promises" sort of sounds exactly like Sugarhill Gang, a connection I hadn't considered. But then it turns out that this song actually copies from Captain Sensible's "Wot" (new to me, but they have a UK producer in common), and "Wot" borrows mercilessly from Chic's "Good Times", which I'd forgotten was sampled for "Rapper's Delight". So you know what that means: there's still basically three songs in the world, and Nile Rodgers wrote or performed the original version of all three. Stay lucky, I guess.   1

dnord 16 Mar 2015

Woke up this morning with this stuck in my head. It alternated with Chaka Khan's "I Feel For You." I'm not sure how this will impact my day.

justplainscott 1 Aug 2014