Bird Of Prey by Natalie Prass

“Tune from album released earlier this year”

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Tune from album released earlier this year   1

edclarke 8 Sep 2015

Natalie has a lot of boosters right now, but most of it's justified. Lovely smolky, folky, neo-soul voice and this is a great tune.   2

markcmphillips 12 Jan 2015

So beautiful.

ralevoor 5 Aug 2015

Natalie Prass singing Bird of Prey is a treat in either the live or studio version.   1

eigenmotion 4 Mar 2015

I'm not even a great follower of the singer-songwriter gimmick, but if you see Natalie, send along this message: you're golden!   4

Parleone 10 Dec 2014

We wanted to post this video But, it´s restricted, so we are posting another one by this new artist who is the subject of this week´s New Reels

MVD 23 Mar 2015