Why Don't You Believe In Me by Natalie Prass

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Digging this record.

goldengram 28 Jan 2015

On NPR's review of the new Florence and the Machine record, one of the guys lumped it, along with Natalie Prass, into a generalized category of female singer/songwriters he called "Disney Princess Music." With Prass, I didn't really get that vibe until the album closer, but I still think it's a pretty dickish and gendered critique. In any case, here's my favorite jam from the Natalie Prass record.

BrownL04 9 Jun 2015

Natalie Prass album out January 26/27 on @spcebmb.

edeanc 24 Oct 2014

"Why Don't You Believe In Me" by @NataliePrass. Another gorgeous cut from Natalie's new album on Matthew E. White's Spacebomb label   1

rogkent 25 Jan 2015