Cortez The Killer by Neil Young

adrian4acn’s jam on 27 Sep ’12 and then once after that (See all)

“What a killer.... Jam200”

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What a killer.... Jam200   7

adrian4acn 27 Sep 2012

Can't believe I haven't jammed any Neil Young before. Time to rectify that,   8

AndyWilkinson 27 Jul 2015

Live en 2001, une putain de merveille à la gratte ! Neil Young - Cortez the Killer   1

fhouste 2 Jun 2014

I went to an exhibition called Rights of Nature: Art and Ecology in the Americas today. A very complex and multifaceted show with work from across the Americas. It was very busy and I'll have to go again. Any way, my eye immediately lead me to sculpture of Cortez, so it can only be an evening for this.   2

adrian4acn 23 Jan 2015

Just one of my fave NY tracks ever. And so many great versions to choose from. Hat tip @dominikus   11

fsohail 7 Apr 2014

Cortez dancing across the water to kill Montezuma.   1

Jorghex 28 Jan 2015