Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2 by Neutral Milk Hotel


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but timpsk was first  

cried when they did this live

sodpod 6 Dec 2013

If you ever have the chance to see these guys live, do not hesitate and buy yourself a ticket. Better: buy yourself some more tickets and find people to go with you. Saw them live last week and it was easily the best concert I'd ever been to! Happiness is more real when it's shared.

roydesmet 17 Aug 2014

Another one of my favourite last tracks. This one comes from the popular In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. Great track and great album :)   10

terence 8 Aug 2013

And when we break we'll wait for our miracle God is a place where some holy spectacle lies When we break we'll wait for our miracle God is a place you will wait for the rest of your life

Elijarodgers 21 Aug 2014

found myself singing this in the morning.

ThingInABook 9 May 2013

Totally gutted that TIMJ has decided to shut up shop. Its ability to connect music lovers to one another and expand their taste palate was absolutely peerless. I will miss it tremendously. I'm going to post at an accelerated rate for these last few weeks to fill them with some of the songs that have meant the most to me over the years - even the stuff from high school I never listen to anymore. To start off: the indescribably powerful conclusion to the best album ever. It's waned in intensity, but I don't think my love affair with Neutral Milk Hotel will ever end.   3

erroneousbosch 11 Aug 2015