Temptation [7" version] by New Order

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This has been in my head for, oh...the last twelve years or so.   1

GBWilliams 8 Dec 2011

Best New Order song. People who say 80s music sucked weren't listening to the right stuff.   1

inthefade 21 Mar 2012

My eternal jam pops up as my jam of the week. 26th Sept is Jampocalypse Day   5

BarneyRubble 30 Aug 2015

Hot Glue Gun Tuesday Tunes.

TheGnarrator 21 Jan 2014

Temptation week continues!

andykhouri 3 Jan 2012

Nobody captures melancholy --- and somehow it's a thrilling, stirring melancholy -- quite like early New Order.

drewledrew 24 Aug 2013