The perfect kiss [12" version] by New Order

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Otra canción que, por alguna razón, no me he podido sacar de la cabeza, no que eso sea algo malo   2

janmanisdead 23 Oct 2013

The frog keyboard solo is the best

cxy 2 Sep 2014

Love the whole of Substance, but especially some of the mixes.

VoodooMike 2 Sep 2014

1985. Almost posted a Tom Waits song for this year. Then I remembered the last 2 minutes of this.

russellrhomieux 27 Mar 2013

Well, time to go back to the record store. Last CD I bought because it wasn't available online was The Orb's Adventure Beyond the Ultraworld; was really lucky to find it.

VincentVendetta 13 Jul 2015